Friday, February 27, 2009

Toddlers & Random Acts of Kindness!

This morning I was walking past my daycare room, Ramsey, who is 14 months old started to fuss, which is normal when he sees me, as he wants to be held. I kept walking, as I am trying to break him of this. A few seconds later I noticed he had stopped fussing. What I saw when I turned around made my heart melt, and I believe would melt the heart of the coldest person.

Owen, who is just shy of being 3, walked over to Ramsey, talked to him in that toddler to 3 year old speak that they only understand. He then leaned over and hugged Ramsey and kissed him on the head!!!! Ramsey smiled, and toddled off to play! Yep, even almost 3 year olds can give random acts of kindess!!!

Some days I can be a bit irritable when listening to bickering kids, but seeing something like this, which I do at least once a day, makes me realize, I have the best job in the world!!! How lucky I am to get to watch the wonder of children, to see how the smallest thing like a hug and a kiss can put the brightest smile on a little boys face!!!!

I am right where god wanted me to be at this very time!!!


  1. Of course it was Owen; do you know ANY sweeter kid? hahhahahhahah

  2. But of course it was Owen our little sweet turd! hehe