Friday, February 27, 2009

$8.50 Potatoes

Earlier this week my husband, Jim, and I were talking on the phone, he was on a business trip in Washington, D.C. We always talk about the day, what he seen, who he met, that kind of thing. Everything about this trip impressed me. I asked him, so have you had dinner? He laughed and said "Yeah we went to this steak house that all the other guys said isn't too expensive". "I was looking at the menu and the cheapest thing on the menu was a stuffed chicken breast for $21.00!!" I was sitting here thinking, "OMG!! I can get 5 dinners worth of chicken breasts for that one chicken breast!!" Jim told me that was JUST for the chicken breast, to have mashed potatoes or hash browns you had to add another $8.50!!!! FOR POTATOES!!!!!!!!!!! Holy Moly! We laughed about it! Boy, those people in Washington, D.C., must be paid really well to have to pay that much for a meal!!

After hanging up with Jim I was thinking, I realize the people who live and work in Washington, D.C. have a higher pay scale to jibe with the cost of living there, compared to us Idahoan's. BUT HOLY MOLY! Honestly, I believe if I was bringing in $100k a year I would still be taken aback at $8.50 potatoes!!! You can get a 20lb bag of potatoes for under $8.50!! That would make us at least 8 meals! Makes me feel more confident in my already great love for IDAHO!!!!!

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