Monday, March 9, 2009

A Weekend In Paradise!

Wow, Jim and I celebrated our 10 year Wedding Anniversary yesterday, March 8th.

For the last couple of weeks Jim told me he had plans for our Anniversary weekend, but wouldn't budge on what he had up his sleeve. Believe me, I TRIED to get it out of him! I would weedle and whine (in a joking manner) trying to get it out of him, he jokingly told me he was going to muzzle me! I think the anticipation is half the fun! He did let me know we were dressing up for dinner, which excited me completely, because we are casual people, happily so. Dressing up to me meant I got to see my gorgeous husband in a suit. Jim had taken his suit in to be cleaned last week and Saturday when we went to pick it up they were CLOSED! The man that runs the cleaners told him that they didn't close until 4 p.m. on Saturdays, we got there around one and there was a sign in the window they closed at 12:00! I have to say, I was a little disappointed, but that disappointment went away quickly when I seen how it affected Jim. Jim is one of those wonderful men that when he says he is going to do something for me, he follows through so not being able to wear his suit really threw a wrench into things for him. I told him not to worry about it, don't let it ruin his day. We sat there for a few minutes and lo' and behold, he came up with a great plan! He purchased a pair of dress pants that will go well with his new suit, so he will have a spare pair, and he would be able to wear them, his dress shirt and tie for dinner! So disaster was averted! So off we went......

We get to Pocatello and stop at the local Walmart because I wanted to look for a skirt, we get done there and back on the interstate. Jim takes an exit, gets gas, drives around for a while then pulls up to the Black Swan Inn! I was totally surprised and totally excited about being there! We have gone to this Inn on our 1st, and 5th Anniversary so being able to go there on our 10th meant a GREAT deal to me!

After we checked in, we got up to our Suite, opened the door, and I have to say I was totally floored! WOW! The foyer alone impressed me! It was the Rocky Mountain Suite! I have always had this "fantasy" of being together in a cabin on a snowy night. Well, I have to say, it only snowed flurries outside, but the Suite was like being snowed in with the one person you dream about being snowed in with, the only person you would give your eye teeth to be snowed in with. Jim treated me like a total princess the whole weekend. I felt a little guilty because it is his Anniversary as well. I told him "Thank You for a perfect Anniversary Weekend" and he told me "Thank you for the last 10 years". No fantasy, nor romance novel could outdo the feelings that he gave me this weekend. I am so very blessed, a very lucky woman. Everyday I thank god for bringing Jim into my life!