Friday, February 27, 2009

Toddlers & Random Acts of Kindness!

This morning I was walking past my daycare room, Ramsey, who is 14 months old started to fuss, which is normal when he sees me, as he wants to be held. I kept walking, as I am trying to break him of this. A few seconds later I noticed he had stopped fussing. What I saw when I turned around made my heart melt, and I believe would melt the heart of the coldest person.

Owen, who is just shy of being 3, walked over to Ramsey, talked to him in that toddler to 3 year old speak that they only understand. He then leaned over and hugged Ramsey and kissed him on the head!!!! Ramsey smiled, and toddled off to play! Yep, even almost 3 year olds can give random acts of kindess!!!

Some days I can be a bit irritable when listening to bickering kids, but seeing something like this, which I do at least once a day, makes me realize, I have the best job in the world!!! How lucky I am to get to watch the wonder of children, to see how the smallest thing like a hug and a kiss can put the brightest smile on a little boys face!!!!

I am right where god wanted me to be at this very time!!!

$8.50 Potatoes

Earlier this week my husband, Jim, and I were talking on the phone, he was on a business trip in Washington, D.C. We always talk about the day, what he seen, who he met, that kind of thing. Everything about this trip impressed me. I asked him, so have you had dinner? He laughed and said "Yeah we went to this steak house that all the other guys said isn't too expensive". "I was looking at the menu and the cheapest thing on the menu was a stuffed chicken breast for $21.00!!" I was sitting here thinking, "OMG!! I can get 5 dinners worth of chicken breasts for that one chicken breast!!" Jim told me that was JUST for the chicken breast, to have mashed potatoes or hash browns you had to add another $8.50!!!! FOR POTATOES!!!!!!!!!!! Holy Moly! We laughed about it! Boy, those people in Washington, D.C., must be paid really well to have to pay that much for a meal!!

After hanging up with Jim I was thinking, I realize the people who live and work in Washington, D.C. have a higher pay scale to jibe with the cost of living there, compared to us Idahoan's. BUT HOLY MOLY! Honestly, I believe if I was bringing in $100k a year I would still be taken aback at $8.50 potatoes!!! You can get a 20lb bag of potatoes for under $8.50!! That would make us at least 8 meals! Makes me feel more confident in my already great love for IDAHO!!!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Being a daycare provider I see so many funny things from day to day with the kids I have. Last week I was sitting in the daycare room among all of the kids holding Lux, a new child to the daycare, it was her first day and she was a touch weepy. As I am sitting there, Jaylee, Blyth and Gracie asked me if they could "do my hair". I said sure! So they get the big lego blocks I have in there and sit them around me and go to work. It fascinated me! These little girls are so creative! They would take two blocks put some of my hair in between the blocks, and press them together, so they were "curling" my hair! Owen, my little sweetie, (not my child by birth but a child of my heart) sat watching them and looked at me and said "I do too?" I told him "Sure, hop on in here". By the time they were finished with me I had a head full of "curlers", my "Make-up" was done and was deemed "Beeutiful"! When they did my make-up they took some of the play dishes and would stir the "make-up" with more blocks then apply it with their soft little hands! It was rather relaxing!!

Kids are wonderfully amazing! A lot of CRAP could be going on in your life and you sit down with them, let their imagination take over and really your problems aren't so bad after all!!

Sometime soon I need to have a picture taken of my "curlers" and post it on here. LOL